NFI Parts

The NFI Group is a world-leading independent bus and motor coach manufacturer, service, and parts provider. We have an industry leading support network made up of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, well-stocked distribution centers, and all the top brands in the industry from the leading parts OEMs.

NFI Parts is North America’s most comprehensive parts organization, providing parts, technical publications, training, support for its OEM product lines (transit buses, motor coaches and cutaways), as well as other manufacturers through our extensive cross reference database.

NFI Parts represents the OEM product lines of New Flyer, MCI, ARBOC, NABI, and Orion. NFI Parts brings together over 90 years of parts experience and now supports a combined fleet of more than 75,000 active transit buses, motor coaches and cutaway vehicles. NFI Parts serves over 5,000 customers annually, with long term relationships with over 17,000 customers from 15 parts distribution centers.

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Phone: 1-800-872-0250