Presenting the ARBOC Equess CHARGE, a fully accessible, battery-electric, low-floor shuttle/transit bus, manufactured on an ARBOC Specialty Vehicles, LLC chassis.



Zero emissions, smart mobility, lower operating costs, compatible charging systems - the Equess CHARGE™ from ARBOC is ready to meet tomorrow’s transportation demands today. The Equess CHARGE™ proudly incorporates the proven battery-electric technology from New Flyer® that is deployed in thousands of buses across the United States and Canada. Equess CHARGE™ is a low-floor shuttle/transit bus on an ARBOC Specialty Vehicles, LLC chassis, that easily accommodates up to 33 seated passengers and six wheelchair passengers. This bus displays true Equal Access for Everyone® with no steps throughout! ARBOC’s advanced technology exceeds ADA guidelines with a 1:6 ramp slope and a 39” entrance door opening for passengers in need of extra assistance and wheelchair accessibility.


30', 21 Passengers, 2 w/c

30', 25 Passengers, 2 w/c

35', 29 Passengers, 2 w/c

35', 33 Passengers, 2 w/c


Video Transcript

Arboc's specialty vehicles is ready to meet tomorrow's transportation demands today with our zero emission transit advanced technologies and shuttle battery electric bus this is equess charge. [Music] Ergonomic drivers compartment contains an easy to use touch screen that provides real-time statistics. Equipped with regenerative braking, the equess charge is designed to allow regen charging which when used effectively can significantly reduce brake usage and in turn can reduce brake wear and maintenance costs. For fleet consistency and convenience, the equess charge is compatible with any sae j1772 dc ccs type 1 plug-in charger making it easy to incorporate into existing electric bus fleets. Full charge can be accomplished in as little as 4 hours. Featuring the Siemens alpha 3 direct drive motor and a roof mounted energy storage system comprised of four to five strings of batteries with each string housed in an ip67 weather-tight enclosure and operates in temperatures from minus 40 degrees Celsius to plus 70 degrees Celsius. [Music] Passengers will experience a smooth ride and added benefits the equess design offers with no steps throughout the bus, a spacious 39-inch entrance door opening, and a superior entry ramp ratio for passengers with mobility assist devices. The equess platform offers an enhanced level of accessibility. The equess charge features a carrying capacity of up to 33 seated passengers and six wheelchair passengers, all accomplished by optimized battery placement on the roof of the vehicle and in a rear compartment. Easy to operate advanced technologies, zero emissions, estimated range of 230 miles, 100% battery electric. This is equess charge.