Company Overview

Low-Floor Cutaway and Medium-Duty Buses

ARBOC is North America’s low-floor, body-on-chassis (“cutaway”) bus leader serving transit, paratransit, and shuttle applications.

With more than 3,000 buses in service, ARBOC leads the low-floor cutaway bus market providing unsurpassed passenger accessibility and comfort over traditional high-floor cutaway vehicles. ARBOC also offers a medium-duty bus for transit and shuttle applications.


Equal access for everyone.

Spirit of Mobility opens doors

ARBOC Mobility and Coachmen team up to produce buses with better access. Read full article from South Bend Tribune


ARBOC Mobility sells first bus, the Spirit of Mobility.


ARBOC Specialty Vehicles sells 100th bus to Citibus in Lubbock, TX

ARBOC Specialty Vehicles is Formed

All American Specialty Vehicles, ARBOC Mobility, and ARBOC Technologies combined to form ARBOC Specialty Vehicles.


ARBOC Specialty Vehicles sells 1,000th bus. The first Spirit of Freedom, a light-duty low-floor non-kneeling cutaway bus.


ARBOC Specialty Vehicles sells 1,500th bus to Calgary Transit.


ARBOC Specialty Vehicles sells 2,000th bus to the Oklahoma State University Cowboys.

Spirit of Liberty

Spirit of Liberty, a medium-duty rear-engine bus produced on a special-purpose chassis built by Freightliner, was introduced.


ARBOC Specialty Vehicles sells 2,500th bus to Dallas Dart.

Spirit of America & Spirit of Independence

Spirit of America, a medium-duty rear-engine trolley, and the Spirit of Independence on a Ford Transit chassis were introduced.

NFI Group

ARBOC Specialty Vehicles becomes part of NFI Group.

Spirit of Equess

Spirit of Equess was introduced, a low-floor shuttle/transit bus built on a purpose-built chassis.


ARBOC Specialty Vehicles sells 3,000th bus to Sarnia Transit.


ARBOC Specialty Vehicles sells 3,500th bus to Republic Parking.