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  Chassis Specifications
Chassis - Freightliner Custom Chassis-XBA
2015 OBD/2010 EPA/GHG14 Compliant
Engine - Cummins ISB 6.7L Diesel
Engine Horse Power - 240 @ 2600 RPM
Torque - 560 ft. lbs. @ 2600 RPM
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR) - 25,900# (11748kg)
Gross Axle Weight (Front) - 10,000# (4536kg)
Gross Axle Weight (Rear) - 17,500# (7938kg)
Estimated Curb Weight - 17,500# (7938kg)
Axle Ratio - 5.13:1
Transmission - Allison B220 Heavy Duty 6-Speed Automatic
Transmission Shifter - Electronic Push Button w/Park Pawl
Transmission Cooler
TRW THP-60 Power Steering Gear
Air Park Brake - Transmission Mount Drum
Front and Rear Kneeling Air-Spring Suspension
     w/Electronic Height Control
Cummins Engine Driven Air Compressor (18.7 CFM)
Meritor-Wabco Twin Air-Dryer w/Heater
Air Pressure Gauge w/Buzzer & LED Indicator Light
Wheels 19.5" x 6.5", 8 Lug
Tires - 245/70 R 19.5
Front Hydraulic Brakes/Disc w/Anti-Lock - Bosch 66mm
Rear Hydraulic Brakes/Disc w/Anti-Lock - Bosch 73mm
Fuel Tank- 70 Gal (265 Liters) - Mid-Ship Between the Frame Rails
C/S & R/S Fuel Fills STD
Radiator Capacity - 11 Gallons (41.63 Liters)
Radiator Fan Speed Control Type - Electric Clutch
Engine Thermostat Temp Setting - 190 Degrees
Overheat Alarm Temp Setting - 225 Degrees
In-Line Circulation Pump
Engine Block Heater
Oil Filter - Full Flow/Disposable Type
Air Cleaner - Heavy Duty Canister Type
Front and Rear Mud Flaps
Steel Front and Rear Bumper- painted Black
Exhaust Location - Curbside Ground
Daytime Running Lights
Horn / Dual Note Tone
Cruise Control
Rear Tow Hooks
  Base Models
SOL 29 150" WB (3.81M) / 29'-8" (9.04M) Overall Length
SOL 34 202.5" WB (5.14M) / 34'-0" (10.36M) Overall Length
All Tubular Steel Cage Construction w/E-Coat for Anti-Corrosion
Fully Laminated, Bolt & Bonded Construction
5/8" Engineered Wood Floor
Body Width: 100" (2.54M) - or 121.5" (3.08M) w/ext. mirrors
Exterior Height: 120" (3.04M) - does not include roof hatch or AC
Interior Height (Front) - 85"/2.16 M
Interior Height (Rear) - 79"/2.00 M
Interior Width - 97"/2.46 M
Entrance Step Height @ Ride Height - 12.5"/317.5 MM
Entrance Step Height when kneeling - 10"/254 MM
Seating Capacity: Up to 37 Passengers (up to 6 Wheelchairs)
Altoona Tested- 7 Years/200,000 Miles
Meets all applicable FMVSS Regulations
12-Volt Electrical System
Battery/Group 31 - (2) Heavy Duty 1520 CCA Total
Alternator - 270-AMP
Fast Idle
Ramp Activation System (Includes: Exterior Ramp Toggle Switch)
"ONE TOUCH" Kneel Switch
Interior Passenger Lights "ON" with door
Master Battery Disconnect Switch
Battery Box (curb-side rear)
Power Port 12-Volt
  Exterior Body/Lights
Black Rubber Rear Wheel Well Flares
One Piece Exterior FRP Wall/Skirt
All Exterior Lights-LED (Incl. Standard Rear Center Mounted Brake Light)
Driver's Seat- USSC
Driver's HVAC
Left Hand Stanchion - Stainless Steel
Right Hand Stanchion - Stainless Steel
Entry Assist Handles - Stainless Steel
One Piece FRP Interior Walls/Ceiling
Door Header Access Panel
Interior Convex Mirror
Velvac Remote Exterior Mirrors
Entrance Door Grab Handles
White Standee Line w/Sign
Egress Window Lights
Alarm Backup
Solid Framed Windows (Optional T-slider or bonded frameless)
Electric Outward 36" Wide Clear Opening Entrance

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